Healthy Treats (or Tropical Storm Cookies)

Last September, a tropical storm was in the forecast. For whatever reason, I took it more seriously than previous threats, so I stocked up non-perishable goods. At the time, I was newly vegan—so I found myself challenged at the idea of coming up with a mix of things that at least pretended to be nutritionally balanced. I’m not sure I succeeded at this, but among other things I ended up with  peanut butter and a bag of trail mix from Target with dried cranberries, golden raisins, almonds, and some kind of seed. And some dark chocolate (anything with a cocoa content of at least 72% is vegan…and while it’s not strictly healthy, there are antioxidants…plus, it’s no fun to stock up for a storm without at least one treat…right? Right!)

In the end, I didn’t lose power, so the exercise was moot. But it was a dark, stormy Saturday night, and I found myself craving cookies. Not willing to venture out to a store, I made do almost entirely with things I’d picked up for my emergency stash—and so these no-bake cookies were born.

I have made them several times since then using whatever I have on hand. What follows is my most recent version, with some nutritional kicks-in-the-pants.

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