A Study in Variability

Today was all over the place in almost every way I can imagine. On an unrelated yet coincidental note, I was also all over the place today. Allow me to explain…

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They were right…

…and by they, I mean anyone who has ever said that taking a walk outside during lunch is a good idea.

It’s a glorious day here: warm, sunny, blue sky, and there are buds everywhere. I sat tapping away at my computer and thinking how sunny it looked outside. That happens often. But today? Today I broke free from my desk chair’s death grip and escaped into the fresh air (note: fresh is a relative term…it’s still a city). Oh dear—it was the epitome of a natural high. I spent an entirely wonderful lunch break walking around, absorbing vitamin D, and chatting on the phone with my mom.

Note to self: do it more often.

Also, look what I saw:


Spring may finally be here, my friends, and it’s so refreshing that right now I don’t even care that we barely had any snow this “winter.” If this is what lies ahead, then bring it on!