Delays are the devil

Here’s the thing: I’ve been meaning to write a post for going on two weeks now. But it’s been busy, and so I’ve left a trail of half-written posts behind me. Here’s why that is a problem: life has a been a roller coaster, and every time I came back to finish one up, my perspective has shifted too much to continue my previous thoughts. We’re not talking slight fault realignment here, this is continental drift at its most basic.

Variously, this post was going to be about
– Opportunity
– Figuring Out What You Want
– The Arbitrary Gift Of Being Blessed With An Amazing Family
– Life Moving At Warp Speed
– Plumbing Disasters In The Wee Small Hours
– When Embarrassment Turns Into Paranoia
– Taking Chances
– Dealing With Disappointment
– The Virtues Of Being Direct

As you might have surmised, I’ve covered a lot of ground lately.

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Happiness guaranteed

I know, I know. Guaranteeing happiness is a big deal! But. I defy you to go look at these pictures and not feel a lightening of your soul.

Need some convincing?

I have three words for you:
Baby elephant + Beach

(You’re welcome.)

Tomorrow I’m off to the lake for a whirlwind weekend of relaxation and family time, complete with sibling road trips. So I’ll wish you a happy weekend early!