Reboot (or Sometimes the thought doesn’t count enough)

Sometimes life can get overwhelming. Sometimes there’s so much on your plate that some things (important things) get forced off—after all, you can only stack things so high before it starts to topple…anyone who’s ever been to a picnic or lunch buffet knows that.

For me, what usually happens is that my day job gets crazy, and in response, I:
–stop writing, stop blogging
–cut back on exercise, start replacing healthy food with junk as a “reward” for getting through the day
–sleep less, stress more
In short, I stop doing everything that keeps me healthy and sane.

Sometimes my eyelids start to twitch randomly during the day. I resort to hanging up inspirational wartime quotes. I launch into rants at the drop of a hat. It’s not pretty.

Even after the work craziness subsides (which it always does…eventually), the bad habits linger like a tenacious stress hangover. When that happens, it’s time for a reboot. Bring back the good habits. Remember that there’s a whole life out there waiting for you to live it.


So that’s what I’m doing now, getting my act together. Slowly but surely.
–I’m writing again.
–I remembered that I have a blog that is desperately in need of a post.
–I run to work and through the park on weekends, enjoying the rare mornings when it’s cool(ish) and not-so-humid.
–I joined Weight Watchers to help
me get my eating habits back to a happy place.
–I re-started taking pictures of things I want to remember.
–I’m living vicariously through my little brother’s post-graduation road trip (#oldnorthontour) until my own summer vacation arrives, getting excited about the ideas of it…the possibilities that lay ahead.
–I sleep until I wake up and no longer obsess about the wording of footnotes while I’m trying to fall asleep.

I remind myself that it’s a gradual process; that tomorrow’s another day; that baby steps are better than inertia.

Most of all, I remind myself that I need to treat myself (and everyone else) with kindness, understanding, and compassion.

What about you? Do you ever find your best intentions derailed by life running at a frenzied pace? What do you do to restore equilibrium?