Twelve Days of Instagram Redux

Helloooooo. it’s been awhile, I know. I will simply say that the month of January and I do not get along, and leave it at that.

But now it’s February, and so I’ve returned from hibernation…shyly peering around the corner, hoping for forgiveness. And ready to bring you long-overdue posts, such as this one.

Back in the middle of December, I challenged myself to post at least one picture to Instagram for 12 days in a row. Unlike my Year of the Russian Novel, I actually completed it. Would you care to see the output? Well, read on, MacDuff!

Here’s what I did (and Instagrammed) during the twelve days (December 14-25, 2012):

I took pictures of me where I was: blogging from bed with coffee and The Cat, on the metro on my way out of town, and just chilling (with my feet up, in my new pink owl-footed fleece onesie…for example)

Me in place

Or maybe just rocking a post-shower ‘hawk…

And then there were scenes from roadtripping: me celebrating my first snow sighting (which happened to coincide with my return to state of origin), the view from my favorite rest stop in the entire world, a dramatic sky after outlet shopping, and AFlo with our rental car


There was also the requisite boozy hot chocolate and snacks once we were done for the day…

As you might have come to expect from me, I went for lots of walks and runs: in parks (Rock Creek and Schenley, respectively), in Pittsburgh, at the lake (please note: that wee body of water is not the lake)


I returned to the patterns of my Youth: Uncle Sam’s, Giant Eagle, and the beer distributor


and just drove around in familiar places…
Road to 'Sliberty

As befitted the season, I did Christmas-y things like make fudge and decorate our tree-let…


And I also found a good luck charm in my new houseLadybug in the sunroom

The result? Some days I was taking pictures like a madwoman armed with an iPhone, other days were so lazy and unremarkable that I used images I took the day before (which might be cheating, but I’ll let it slide since I made the rules and never mentioned it). But I’m glad to have a visual record of those twelve days.

So does this post, chock full of images, start to make up for my blog silence? Please say I haven’t entirely lost your trust!

Well, until next time…


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