Technical difficulties (and other enormously insignificant indignities)

I have been without Internet at home for almost a month, which I think all non-Luddites can agree is incredibly annoying and frustrating. My trusty iPhone, Beau, keeps me connected to the outside world (so I can double check that there are no asteroids about to hit earth, and—on a much smaller scale—see if I need an umbrella), but at a certain point, I can’t face typing on the touch screen anymore. Sorry, Beau…I love you, but it’s true.

(If you can’t tell, this is an elaborate and lengthy apology for the radio silence…er, blog silence.)

In other news, my non-Internet life has been careening along at full speed…updates to follow soon.

So, you’re reading this and thinking, “Well, what do I get out of this?” Fair point…because this is essentially a non-post post. So, for those of you who bothered to read all the way to the end get a visual glimpse into the most consistent part of my life these days…running: