Soup Season

Colder weather has arrived for us here in the mid-Atlantic, and with it two of my favorite cooking pastimes: roasting vegetables and soup. While there is nothing to stop a person from roasting or souping during the warmer months, my air conditioner consistently loses the battle against my oven and/or stove, and so these are pleasures I hoard for days when the leaves crunch underfoot.

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I knew the way you know about a good melon

I know, I know.  I’ve been unforgivably crap at posting for the past mumble mumble months, cruelly teasing that something enormous was amiss when I bothered to post at all, and then fading back into oblivion with nary a peep.

It was a raw deal, and if I were on the other end of it, I would have been anxious, and then annoyed, and ultimately, I think I would have completely lost interest.

But I’m hoping that apathy has not found too firm a grasp…because I am (finally) able to tell you what’s going on. (Here’s a hint…)

It’s a house. More specifically, it’s my house. As in the-house-that-I-now-own. Whaaaaaaat?

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