Midweek Musings: Road Trip Edition

As you read this, I am probably somewhere in the wilds of Western New York State, hanging out with my dear friend, AFlo, who is visiting from Berlin. It is almost certain that we are listening to music and dancing around (as that is what we do). What are we listening to? I’m so glad you asked!This Week 12.17Christmas lights: sweetclipart.com

A bit of background. AFlo and I met the first day of college orientation and have been inseparable pretty much ever since (living on different continents notwithstanding). We got into the habit of making a mix CD for each term, filled with whatever songs we were listening (and dancing) to at the time. So there was no question that there needed to be a mix for this trip. (Or playlist, as the kids are calling them these days.)

This list is a melting pot of favorites from college (and after), with some new stuff mixed in, along with an obvious nod to the holiday season. There’s a story for each of these songs (though I won’t bore you with all of them). Consider….

  • The story behind Will You Be There is a classic. Early in our friendship we bonded over a mutual love of Free Willy and, more importantly, the Michael Jackson song that played over the end credits. When you come across another person who obsessively watched and re-watched the music video that was included at the end of the videotape, you know you’ve found a kindred spirit.
  • Lighters always makes me think of Scotland, since we played it repeatedly while hiking the Speyside Way last year, routinely stopping in the middle of the moors to rock out to Eminem, et al.
  • At Least I Was Here, for those of you who might not know, is the theme song from Community, which AFlo got me hooked on. Peppy and giddy, it’s perfect for dancing.

But enough about me. What’s on your pre-Christmas playlist? Faithful classics? New discoveries? A satisfying mixture?


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