Midweek Musings

This week 12.10Avocado toast photo: thekitchn.com

The Mindy Project-–I have a love/not-so-love relationship with this show. Some of it is just too outrageous, but I always laugh. Am catching up on some episodes I missed, and the word is that craziness ensues in this week’s holiday episode… Also, Dr. Castellano? Yum!

Some Nights, Fun.—This stuff is infectious. I’ve been listening to the title song over and over (and over) again. Somehow it makes me feel invincible. And it makes me want to dance. What’s not to like? (Yeah, nothing. Thought so.)

Avocado toast—I have been craving toast like there’s no tomorrow, and smearing it with ripe avocado (with sprinkles of salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes) makes me feel less guilty for eating it at every meal. It’s win-win-win. Ridiculously easy, possessed of food value, and insanely tasty. Give it a shot.

But enough about me. What are you guys reading, watching, listening to, eating, or whatever-ing this week? Anything good?

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