Midweek Musings

This week 12.3.12

Christmas lightssweetclipart.com; Brussels sprouts photo: Food Network

In this, the third week of Midweek Musings, we are firmly into the time of year when you can’t escape the holiday season…even if you desperately want to. And if you’ve come here looking for a respite, you’ll be sorely disappointed. (I’m sorry, I’m only human. And I can only resist for so long…)

What have I been up to this week? Read on…

A Christmas Gift for You—This is an old favorite of mine, and it’s perfect for dancing. I may or may not have been taking an obscene number of spontaneous dance breaks since this album has eased itself into the rotation. The only potential downside? You have to get over the creep factor of the Phil Spector’s monologue during Silent Night; I always find myself flashing to thoughts of his recent legal troubles. But whatever issues he may have personally, the man knows how to make some good music!

Anna Karenina—Those of you who have been following Happier for a while may remember that I read the novel earlier this year as part of my semi-disastrous Year of the Russian Novel challenge. I also happen to be a fan of Joe Wright, the director of this adaptation. So when these two things intersected, it was a no brainer…I had to go see this movie. What did I think? I’m still trying to work that out, actually. I enjoyed it, to be sure, and I thought the staging was a brilliant way to move between scenes quickly (which is necessary when a 700+ page novel is boiled down to a smidge over 2 hours). But the beginning had a lightness and comedy to it—almost farcical—that was a bit jarring in light of the heaviness that descends later. Still, it was well worth the price of a matinee ticket.

Roasted brussels sprouts—Hands down, these are my favorite vegetable. I may have (ahem) roasted an enormous amount of them for Thanksgiving knowing that it would allow for copious leftovers. And then I made more this week. I know brussels sprouts tend to be polarizing…people either love them or hate them. Suit yourself, I say. But do try this recipe if you’re so inclined (even without cheese, it’s unbelievably good).

Citrus peeler—Remember how I was eating oranges last week? Well, I’m still riding that train. And this little baby makes it possible. You see, I’m really bad at peeling oranges. Truly. Plus I hate how my hands get a sticky. MamaPen peeled them for me all the way through grad school (sad, but true). These days, though, I use this little guy, and it makes a world of difference. Faster, less mess—now I eat oranges as often as the mood hits (which is often).

But enough about me. What are you guys reading, watching, listening to, eating, or whatever-ing this week? Anything good?

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