Midweek Musings

Oranges photo credit: The Daily Green

Welcome to the second week of Midweek Musings! This week has been a mixed bag of dark and light. What have I been up to? Read on…

Oranges—After the excesses of Thanksgiving (and several days of leftovers), I wanted nothing more than to drink lots of water and eat crunchy, raw vegetables. To soothe my sweet tooth, I’ve turned to one of my favorite types of winter produce: oranges. Hello, Vitamin C!! 

Going Home—I first happened upon this book seven years ago, back when it was published. I won’t lie…I picked it up because of the cover, and I bought it because the back copy sounded appealingly escapist to someone who was neck-deep in grad school brouhaha. But I’ve read it more than once because it’s a not-so-fluffy bit of fluff about family, love, and figuring out your life.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo—As I mentioned last week, I often come late to the party. Which is why I never read the books or saw the movie in theaters, or even thought anything more than general neutrality until I found myself staring at a a Black Friday deal at Target (wasn’t in Oscar Wilde who said, I can resist everything except temptation?). So, I brought it home and eventually got around to watching it on Sunday. Enter the rabbit hole. After it ended, I felt this insidious curiosity about what happened next in the story, so I ended up watching the second and third installments of the original Swedish version. (Screw temptation. I can resist anything except a cliff-hanger ending!)

Babel—I’ve been a Mumford & Sons fan for a long time, even before they became popular (for which I can thank my brother, Robbie, and one of his short-lived roommates who dragged him to a concert). Their first album was my soundtrack for the spring and summer of 2010, and Babel was my soundtrack earlier this fall and again in the post-Thanksgiving crush. Love it.

But enough about me. What are you guys reading, watching, listening to, eating, or whatever-ing this week? Anything good?

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