Summertime (and the living is easy)

People! I’m sorry I haven’t been around much lately. Things are kind of crazy here at Casa Happier…but they are good crazy. The kind of crazy that happens when you let go and live your life. Lots of stuff going on, lots of possibilities, lots of happiness. And in between all the crazy, the stuff, the possibilities? It’s summer, and I’m doing my level best to take advantage of it.

To be honest, I’ve never enjoyed summer the way I always imagined most people enjoy summer (whoever most people are). I’m not a fan of hot weather…but I have a weird stubborn pride that prevents me from turning on the air conditioner unless it’s over 100 degrees (and sometimes not even then). Also, my family never did beach vacations (we’re lake people all the way), so the appeal of getting sand stuck in places you don’t want to think about has never really been clear to me. Plus, summer strikes me as a time to throw off the shackles of the daily routine and be spontaneous, but I sometimes have a hard time with spontaneity.

This summer, though, all bets are off!

Last weekend, my friend M and I jumped into her Prius and drove 3 hours to Delaware because we decided it was time for a day at the beach.

We bounced around in the surf, had a picnic, and I (once again) mastered the dubious art of the oddly shaped sunburn. When a storm rolled in and they kicked everyone off the beach, we drove north for some homemade ice cream and walked around an unbelievably cute town while trying to talk ourselves out of taking the ferry to Cape May. Afterwards, we piled back into the car to drive back to DC, had a car picnic (with extra points for me because I managed to not draw blood despite using sharp knives in a moving vehicle), talked and laughed, and rocked out to Pandora.

Before that, I unplugged from the office and took an actual vacation. I spent a week next to a lake, reading, relaxing, and happily pondering the possibilities of what lays ahead. Also, I finally finished Anna Karenina.

Next weekend I’m going back to the lake for a family party to celebrate my grandfather’s 85th birthday and my grandmother’s 84th. Time to distribute hugs freely and receive them happily, to remember fun times and laugh, to create new memories, to bask in the gift of having a family I enjoy so very much, and to just be.

What adventures have you been up to this summer?

3 thoughts on “Summertime (and the living is easy)

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