Love letter to my feet

Dearest feet,

I simply adore you, and I don’t think I say that nearly enough. More often, I complain if you hurt, or I get annoyed at having to trim your nails again, or I use you to push something out of the way because I’m too lazy to bend over, or I walk a lot miles on you without saying thank you. I take you for granted, feet, and that’s not right!


Without you, I wouldn’t be able to run, walk to the park, wear shoes, skip, wiggle my toes. I wouldn’t be able to put you up at the end of a long day and relax. I wouldn’t be able to put warm, fuzzy socks on you when it’s cold out and feel cozy.

I am so grateful for you. Thank you for everything you do for me, for always sticking with me no matter what, for keeping my ankles company. I love you, and I promise to treat you better. You do so much for me, and you deserve someone who will take better care of you. But since you’re stuck with me, I will do my utmost to be nicer to you—new running shoes to keep you well-supported, massages to work out the kinks, maybe even some nice scented moisturizer.

Thank you, feet—you have earned my undying and eternal gratitude!

The rest of your body

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