Wednesday Randomness

1. It’s supposed to snow today. Hooray! (The forecast is for less than an inch, but this winter I will happily take whatever I can get!!)

2. Awesome work friend K.F. brought me a present:


Chock full of soy protein goodness. Thanks, K.F.!!!!!

3. On the complete opposite end of the snack spectrum, it turns out that a handful of M&Ms at 6:30 in the morning is not a good pick-me-up. Note to self: stick with coffee next time.

4. I cannot stop listening to Peter Gabriel’s cover of “Book of Love”…it’s becoming pathological. But whatever gets me through my day job, right? (Be kind and just say yes!)

5. May everyone have as good a Wednesday as possible!! (I like to keep it reasonable on Wednesdays. Pre-dawn M&M snack not withstanding.)

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