Month of Kale: Week 1

I’ve been remiss in updating, for which I apologize. I have not, however, been remiss in making or eating kale, so fortunately I have plenty to talk about on this topic. When last we spoke about this, I had just procured a Very Large Bag of chopped kale. Two pounds of it. You’ll be happy to know that I put that kale to good use and spent last week eating lots of good yummy greens.

Lately, I’ve been cooking a lot from Appetite for Reduction, which is full of improbably spectacular recipes. I say improbably spectacular because the premise of the book is low-fat vegan. Three-quarters of you probably just cringed and clicked away. I don’t blame you. But seriously, I haven’t found a dud yet, and these are not just ho-hum recipes…there has been craving going on. If I were less ladylike (snort), I might mention drooling. So, it made perfect sense to me that I should choose a recipe from that book to start off my month of kale on the right foot. Enter Chili Verde con Papas.

Let’s recap. I tinkered with the recipe just enough to align it more closely with my tastes. In other words, I scrapped the potatoes in favor of double the beans (yay for more fiber and protein!), and I put in extra cilantro. The verdict? Delish.

There’s a full pound of kale in here. That’s half of that enormous bag. Don’t worry, though, it cooks down quite a lot, as I discovered…


This was lunch all week. Good stuff. As a veteran of the “I’ll just throw some spinach in that” approach to life, I’ve found that kale is less slimy than cooked spinach, but it’s also chewier. Perhaps the word chewy makes it sound unappealing, but I find myself appreciating the extra heft. The word I always want to use is toothsome, but I don’t know if that’s better or worse than chewy in terms of scaring you off.

Dinner last week, for the record, also involved kale. Sauteed with mushrooms and more garlic than is advisable for anyone who does not live alone. It was also delicious, though I will say that the kale figured much more prominently here, and perhaps it was a bit too soon for me to approach it so boldly.

So there you have it. Week 1 of my month of kale. I’m learning. And since I bought another 2 lb. bag of kale this past weekend, I think we can conclude that week 1 didn’t scare me off!

But now I have a question for you: Any kale fans out there? If so, how do you like to prepare it??

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