Get ready for kale

I’ve decided that February 2012 will be kale month here on Happier. As I’ve started trying (and often failing) to eat healthier over the past few years, I’ve explored and grown to love so many new and yummy good-for-the-body foods. But kale and I have had a rough relationship. I want to like it, I really do. But it has rarely felt right, and on the few occasions when we seemed to be heading toward detente, it proves to be fleeting.

My hypothesis is as follows: maybe my problem is less with kale itself and more with how I’ve been preparing it. So, during the month of February I plan to give myself over whole-heartedly to the act of making friends with kale. I’m going to approach this with a very open mind. We’re going to learn all about why kale is so good for us, and we’re going to find recipes that make me crave kale.

Kale, you have been put on notice: I’m going to be your new BFF. Like, for realsies!

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